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Hello! I'm am new here, as I am to Tarot. I have the Rider Tarot Deck and the H.R Giger tarot deck. I hardley know how to use it, and I was hopping maybe I could have some help as to how I can develop a type of psychic power (Which I've had before from using the Ouija Board so much, but I no longer have). Right now I pick up a card, and I look up its meaning in a big thick book I have. It has definitions all catagoriezed, so lets say I asked a question about romance, there would be a section about the romantic definition of the card. Now I dunno if the book is completely accurate, or if its giving me as accurate readings as I would like. Or maybe this is how I learn? I just know that people see htings and get visions, and I see nothing when I pick up a card, except the picture gives me a little clue of what the card might look like. So I was hoping someone might be able to help me, please?

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good luck!
My suggestion would be ditch the book... focus on just the card... the impressions you get from it, what aspects stand out, what things you see even if they aren't actually part of the original pictures (i.e. I had a card with a carving in the side of a hill, but I saw that carving take the shape of a person blocking a doorway).

Take one of your cards and meditate on it. Put it by your bed, study it daily until you feel like you've gained all you can from it. Then try the same with another card, and so forth. You might get different inklings different days. Just literally go with your gut.

And holy crap, I'm just seeing that this was posted 8 months ago, so I hope you've gotten some experience by now and/or find this useful.