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Tarot Reading

I did a tarot reading last night. It has been a few months since my last. I was very grateful for the lucidity and ease with which my ability to discern the card's messages for me are coming about now. It is a feeling and sense that I have been trying to hone for some time and it feels I am reaching some sort of a "level" with it now. Here is the reading in it's entirety, I will likely add to these interpretations and their revelations as I research and meditate upon this more deeply. I am accessing multiple sources for the meanings and inclinations of the cards, including my own mind and abilities. These are by no means complete or all-inclusive of course so any and all input that might be offered will be greatly appreciated.
I am not very good at tying the reading as a whole together, I would appreciate any and all input as to this as anyone feels capable of or interested in offering.

I would appreciate any and all insights or suggestions for factors which I may be missing or overlooking in this. I am very open to constructive criticisms and aid from any sources, experience is not necessarily a pre-requisite, although appreciable to some degree.

I use the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck. The Celtic Cross Spread.

Seeking guidance, direction as to my path and intention. 11/28/2004

The Significators:

IX Cups/Chalice: Material Happiness; Jupiter; Pisces

Page/Knave of Swords: "The Princess of the Rushing Winds: the Lotus of the Palace of Air."

King of Pentacles/Disks: "The Prince of the Chariot of Earth."

These above are the Archetypal Representations chosen for the Querent (myself). I chose three significators for this reading as they built, I feel, a more complete view of me at the present moment.

Covering the Querent: The Heart of the Matter: X Pentacles/Disks "The Lord of Wealth":
Focusing on the Family, Gain, Wealth. A time of change. (My children have just moved 400 miles away from me, my ex-wife and I are finalizing our divorce, I currently am up in the air as to my living arrangements, job, life, etc....I feel this equates quite applicably.) Dullness, Heaviness.

Cross: Obstacles: XIII Death: "The Child of the Great Transformers: the Lord of the Gates of Death"
. . Nun; Scorpio
I was somewhat taken aback by the appearance of this card in this position.
The end of a matter (family as I know it...), Destruction, Corruption. These are the obstacles I face, dead on. Pardon the pun.
A sudden, often unexpected change. (Bingo.)

Crown: The best hoped for or able to arrive at, ideals, goals: II Cups/Chalice "The Lord of Love":
Alchemy of love, passions, friendships, affinities, unions. Accord. This is the Intent, the path I seek. Making lemonade from lemons. My goal. The desire present, not in nature itself but, by which nature finds santification. Venus and Cancer, her sign and my sign, respectively. Focus upon Pleasure, Business, and Love.
Harmony of masculine and feminine. The desire to work things in accord with the bountiful culmination of everyone involved's interests.

Below: I own this. These are my tools earned through experience, I can work with these influences and use them to my advantage:
III Swords/Spears "The Lord of Sorrow":
Removal, Absence, Division. Self-explanatory. My delay and vacillation, halting due to a perceived broken heart, a ruptured soul.
Disruption, interruption, separation, quarrelling; sowing of discord and
strife, mischief-making, sorrow and tears; yet mirth in Platonic pleasures;
singing, faithfulness in promises, honesty in money transactions, selfish and
dissipated, yet sometimes generous: deceitful in words and repetitions; the
whole according to dignity.

Behind: The Past of the matter. Moving away from this, it is evolving into something alchemically divined, chosen:
VIII Cups/Chalices "The Lord of Abandoned Success":
The dark night of the soul. (this is coming to an end for me)
Hermitage. (yes) Deserting the perceived abundance of a previous concern. (very much so) Bestowing of a new joy, mildness, Honour, modesty. (I have been working diligently on all of these aspects, internally for the most part)
Misery and repining without cause. Instability.

Before: Coming into action; fruition: V Wands/Staves "The Lord of Strife"

Success in financial speculation (I feel this coming to a head). Competition and the struggle for riches and fortune. A card of opulence. Also of strife and discord, rashness and boldness, violence and lust. Prodigality and generosity.

My Self and Attitude in the Matter: I Magician (Reversed) The Magus:
Power; Bet; Mercury

Skill, wisdom, adaptation, craft, cunning, occult wisdom or power.

Myself; Mental dis-ease, Disgrace, general disquiet.

My House/People/Events surrounding and enmeshed in it: Queen of Wands/Staves (Reversed) "Queen of the Thrones of Flame

Opposition, Jealousy, Deceit, Infidelity on the one hand,

Good, Economical, Obliging, Serviceable on the other.
This card is summing for me the relationship with my wife. Though I have good-will towards her and her choices in general (even in light of her Opposition, Deceit, Infidelity and Destructiveness), I have no opportunity to exercise said goodwill.
From the Book of Thoth: If ill dignified, obstinate, revengeful, domineering, tyrannical, and apt
to turn against another without a cause. (this sums up her and our relationship in a nutshell)

My hopes and Fears in the Matter: VIII Wands/Staves/Torches "The Lord of Swiftness"
Great hope towards an end which promises happiness. Haste. Fear of marital disputes or its' results. Swift activity, the arrows of love; on the move. (Yeah, pretty much.)
Too much, too fast, too soon. (I fear moving on too quickly, I've been exhibiting this infallibly in the past two years)
Being myself. Being dignified, fear of being untrustworthy; being confident, generous, stable.

(2 VIIIs = New Knowledge)

What will be: Outcome: Result: VII Pentacles/Disks "The Lord of Success Unfulfilled"
Loss of an apparently promising fortune. Hopes deceived and crushed. Slight isolated gains with no resultant fruits.
Illusory promise. Contradictions. Money, business, and barter along with Altercation and Quarrel along with Innocence. Ingenuity and Purgation. An improved position although perhaps illusory. Little gain for much labor. A future husband.

and here's where I ended, feeling, believably, a bit up in the air and unresolved. not that this is anything too awfully new for me and how my life has been or seems lately. So, on that note, any input would be welcomed and gladly accepted. I'll leave it at that.

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