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2 readings

Bear with me, I'm new at this =)

Background about myself: I am a 17 year old girl at college and I will be embarking on a gap year once my A levels are up (considering South Africa and Thailand) although money is tight.I have friends and family problems as well as depression. I am hoping to move abroad in the next few years and I am basically "looking for love"!

This first one took place at my friend Kittys house about 2 months ago, my first ever Tarot reading. She is a close friend and we were alone, she read my cards for me.

Horseshoe spread (?)

My Past - Queen of Wands
My Present - Three of Pentacles
Work - The Moon
Obstacles - Two of Cups
Attitudes - Nine of Pentacles
What I should Do - The Strength
Outcome - Nine of Cups

I bought a while ago a "Mythic Tarot" set which has beautiful illustrations but I don't find the accompanying book very helpful. I have slept with the cards underneath my pillow and have been shuffling/looking at them for a while to just get used to them. Last night felt "right" so I lit some candles and did my second tarot reading (alone)

Celtic Cross Spread

Significator - Ten of Pentacles
Crossing Cards - Four of Pentacles
Crowning Card - Four of Pentacles
Base of the Matter - King of Swords
Past Influences - Three of Swords
Forthcoming Influences - Page of Cups
Where One Finds Oneself - Two of Cups
Views of Others - Ten of Cups
Hopes and Fears - The Star
Fixed Outcome - Five of Cups

So .. =) Some of this makes sense to me, some of it doesn't. I think maybe I try to interpret them to suit what I want it to mean?

I would love any interpretations or thoughts on these

Nice to meet you all =)

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