: : miss m : : (memoryanddream) wrote in tarot_klub,
: : miss m : :

Handmade Rune Sets

I recently made my first set of runes as a gift for a woman's pagan swap circle. They were so well received, that I've decided to expand my site - PhoenixFire Designs - to offer them for sale. These sets are entirely handcrafted and no two sets are alike. I can easily customize them to whatever color you'd like. Each set comes with full-color symbol meanings and large pouch for storage.

This is a pearlescent white with gold set.

And here are two other sample colors, though I can do any color you'd like. (No extra charge.)

I hope anyone who's interested in runes, or who have wanted a set would consider ordering ones that are handmade rather then mass produced. Each set is made with loving care.

By Pagans for Pagan! :)
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