ravenlocks (ravenlocks) wrote in tarot_klub,

hello all! tarot klub, please read! = )

kalsia made an xcellent suggestion a while back,
and i think we could def. use the thoughts and advice of our members to reflect on in our own divination. her suggestion was that we could all post our thoughts and ideas about each card, for a set period, beginning with 0 the fool.

i think this is a terrific idea, if you want to play along.

card you are responding to:
1) What Tarot deck you use
2) What book/s you use, if any.
3) Do you read the tarot by perception / intuition or utilize the exact meaning of the card, as written in a book?
3) What meaning does this card have for you?
4) Add any insights about this card you feel is valueable.

er whatever you may feel is important. depending on the sort of response we get with this, will determine the amount of time i'll alot to each card. you can also go ahead and suggest a time you think would be suitable. 2 weeks? a month? let me know!

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