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Hello! I'm am new here, as I am to Tarot. I have the Rider Tarot Deck and the H.R Giger tarot deck. I hardley know how to use it, and I was hopping maybe I could have some help as to how I can develop a type of psychic power (Which I've had before from using the Ouija Board so much, but I no longer have). Right now I pick up a card, and I look up its meaning in a big thick book I have. It has definitions all catagoriezed, so lets say I asked a question about romance, there would be a section about the romantic definition of the card. Now I dunno if the book is completely accurate, or if its giving me as accurate readings as I would like. Or maybe this is how I learn? I just know that people see htings and get visions, and I see nothing when I pick up a card, except the picture gives me a little clue of what the card might look like. So I was hoping someone might be able to help me, please?

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