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Alt Interp for heiregulus's reading

(I couldn't post this as a comment because I got long-wind-baggy again.)

I noticed that you use the rider waite deck. So do I. It is the second deck that was gifted to my possession that has spoken to me.

I have been meaning to reply for a few days, but time; I thought I would post a few comments. I hope some of this helps. Standard disclaimer applies. (anybody) feel free to post innacuracies, sometimes my memory fails.

This first thing I noticed is that you chose your significators. As you aptly observed, this is how you see yourself, which is not exactly the same thing as who you really are at this given moment. Sometimes we try to hide facets of ourselves that are too uncomfortable to look at head on, so you should watch for the freudian slips. They may reveal to you more than you want to acknowledge, but sometimes it requires another set of eyes to point it out.

  • IX Cups Did you know that this card is sometimes referred to as the wish card? It is the brighter cousin to VII Cups which warns "be careful what you wish for". The fact that you chose this card rather than letting it fall out seems to say that you have chosen your fate (and take some small measure of pride in that fact too) by setting and attaining a goal thru much soul searching and hard work. To me this speaks of your decision to divorce your ex-wife. Whatever else you may have thought about it, you have decided that this is what is best for you ((the emphasis is on "best", not necesarily on "you")). Whether or not this is true remains to be seen (remember that you chose this card); the subtle admonition in this instance is "you made your bed...."
  • Page of Swords I dunno about this one; the court cards are hard for me to read.
  • King of Pentacles I got more about this one thru another card, so more on this later.

  1. (Heart of the matter) X Pentacles What i see first about this card is the old man and the dogs, then the young man, and finally the woman. The old man seems tired, though not unnusually so; kinda resigned, unable to change the young man's mind. The man has turned his back on the traditional focus of the card: the fullfilment of material possesions -- financial security, not wanting for any of life's necessities and a lot of its niceties. May I ask who "did the leaving"? Who was the "bread winner"? Do you feel that you have somehow abandonded your charges? Is this why you chose to represent yourself as the Lord of the Material? You feel that you should done things right, but the reality of the situation seems to be whispering that you haven't.... The woman is looking at him as he goes; she wishes that things have not come to this end. Nevertheless she moves out of his way. Maybe she is a little bitter as well. Its hard to make out the details.... When trying to ascertain the nature of thier relationship I saw only the wall between them (the tower in the background). I think its fair to say that communication between you two more or less ceased in the mind-sharing department. ((call me moto)) I don't know what the dogs signify, only that they are important to the old man in some sort of comforting level. ((as a side note, I hardly ever read because I can't tell the difference between reading the situation, and me just playing with the symbols and indulging in creative writing... so if this doesn't fit, just scrap it ;) ))
  2. (The Cross) Death Its odd that you feel this represents a unexpected change; death is most certainly expected, it may surprise you in its exact timing, but you see it coming a long way off, or maybe at least should have. Should you have prepared for this end a little better or sooner?
  3. (Crown) II Cups This sometimes called the "minor Lover's card". As for this card falling in the "aspirations" position, I think it speaks for itself. You desire(d) a fulfilling union, a working marriage, a partnership of equals....
  4. (Foundations) III Swords As I have posted here before, this position for me is "that holds you down". If you feel that this represents your "resources", then the moral of this card is redoubled: lack of communication leads to heartbreak. This is the lesson that you need to learn from the situation.
  5. (Behind) VIII Cups "In search of a deaper meaning". This man has found that there is something missing in all that he has, so he has left it all to seek that which (he thinks) will fill the void. Note that the moon lights his path: be careful that you don't lie to yourself; its easy to see what you want to see in the half-light of the moon.
  6. (Before) V Wands The leason of this card is "take a stand". Confrontation is some times unavoidable; don't back down from what you feel strongly about just because you want to avoid another fight. Don't seek it out, but don't just back down either.
  7. (Self) Magician (reversed) One of the aspects of this card is "communication". Maybe its an interpretation particular to me; but communication, the exspression of ideas, is a very powerful force. Consider that Mein Kompf is the expression of an (albiet very warped) idea; and the Constitution was formed by an intense session of communication.... So again the theme of communication comes into play. Here tho, the card is reversed. Have you not been excersizing power when you needed to? Did you take the easy path when you should not have (maybe to avoid another fight; maybe because you saw youself as not wise or mature enough to handle the responsibilities and outcomes (the Page of Swords above))? Or was it perhaps the converse? Were you too forceful? There is also a very real tendancy for power to corrupt; to attempt to attain a goal and feel that the ends justify the means. Most modern interpretations forget the origin of this card: he was the Huckster, the Conman; the darker interpretations are therefore worth noting. When this card shows up, be sure to examine your motives and actions.
  8. (Surroundings) Queen of Wands (reversed) The first thing that crossed my mind when reading the card and your interpretation was "dead on". You hinted that she cheated on you? ((this is when the little black cat caught my eye.... maybe i'm reading too much into the cards again)) In any event she did act wrongly, and may be continuing to do so. Perhaps she is or has become uneccessarily antagonistic? Much of this card remains hidden to me, but I think you hit the nail on the head with it.
  9. (Hopes and Fears) VIII Wands Do you fear that you are moving too quickly, or rather that events have moved too quickly for you? Do you hope for a swift resolution? Is it that you want it to be over now, but you do not want to be harried by quickening curcumstance? The subleties of the contrasts of this card in this position are worth reflection. I think you have also hit upon the paradox that this card/position are trying to relate.
  10. (Outcome) VII Pentacles The tedium of daily life, tending the garden. He's looking wistfully at the large cropping before him, maybe he doesn't notice the seed at his feet. But the large mass that he is looking at as if he has lost it came from one small seed such as lays at his feet. It may be difficult starting over, but it is possible; re-establishing the routine of being alone, and regrowing the things that have been lost.

Maybe I have read too much into the cards.... Maybe I have read too much of myself into the cards.... Its hard for me to tell, which is why I don't read for poeple often (and why, when I do, I don't touch the cards; lol). Maybe I was completely off, but I hope it helps a lil.


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